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Professional Lighting Systems

Enter a world where professional lighting systems from Infoline combine innovation and ambiance. With our exclusive lighting brands, we can add a whole new level of refinement and glamour to your events by illuminating every moment. As designers of visual spectacles, we rethink lighting dynamics, going beyond the typical and bringing brightness to every environment. Our Professional Lighting Systems are essential for producing immersive environments that make an impression, whether for lively concerts or sophisticated business events.

What is Professional Lighting Systems?

Professional Lighting Systems are the best available lighting technology, consisting of a wide range of carefully engineered equipment and accessories for various uses. Infoline's Professional Lighting Systems, a leader in event technology innovation, are designed to elevate common areas into spectacular visual experiences and give an air of glitz and sophistication to gatherings.


How Does it Work?

Light Fixtures: Professional Lighting Systems utilize a variety of light fixtures, including spotlights, floodlights, and wash lights. Each fixture is selected based on its specific characteristics and intended use, allowing for precise control over the quality and direction of light.
Color Mixing and Temperature Control: Advanced Professional Lighting Systems offer color mixing capabilities, allowing for the creation of a broad spectrum of hues. Additionally, color temperature control enables the adjustment of warmth or coolness in the lighting, contributing to the desired ambiance.
DMX Control: Many Professional Lighting Systems utilize DMX (Digital Multiplex) control systems. DMX allows for the remote and synchronized control of multiple lighting fixtures, enabling dynamic changes in intensity, color, and effects during an event or performance.
Automated Lighting: Some systems feature automated lighting fixtures equipped with motors and controls. These fixtures can be programmed to move, change colors, and create intricate lighting sequences, adding dynamic visual elements to live productions.
LED Technology: The integration of LED technology is a common feature in modern Professional Lighting Systems. LEDs offer energy efficiency, a wide range of color options, and long lifespans, making them ideal for various applications.

What is it Used For?

Event Lighting

Professional lighting systems are mostly used for event lighting, which includes a variety of settings like corporate events, weddings, concerts, and theater plays. These technologies are intended to improve an event's visual appeal by establishing environments that complement the intended theme and mood.

Architectural Lighting

Professional lighting systems are used in architectural settings to draw attention to and emphasize the aspects of buildings and other structures. This involves lighting up facades, interior spaces, and outdoor spaces to provide visually arresting and aesthetically beautiful surroundings.

Stage Productions

Theatrical and stage productions leverage Professional Lighting Systems to bring performances to life. These systems are integral in setting the mood, creating dramatic effects, and accentuating key moments during live performances.

Broadcasting & Film

In the realm of broadcasting and film production, these lighting systems contribute to creating visually compelling scenes. They provide the flexibility to control the intensity, color, and direction of light, ensuring optimal visual quality for cameras.