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Healthcare Solutions

Technology enables an increased value and more accurate healthcare provision, with less resources and higher speed. Next generation technologies are sweeping hospitals and gradually transforming medical care provision. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and 5D, are few of the main drivers for healthcare digital revolution.

However, the use of a single emerging technology cannot create the desired impact. INFOLINE has a diverse experience in supporting healthcare institutions and we address the many increasingly complex challenges faced by the healthcare sector. We bring our expertise and experience in Smart Hospitals, ICT and Digital Modernization to accelerate the 4th Industrial Revolution of international healthcare.

Our solutions are designed to boost administrative productivity, reduce hospital operational costs and most importantly, increase quality of services and patient safety.

Healthcare ICT and Communication Technology

INFOLINE brings extensive expertise and experience in design, installation, integration, testing and commissioning of healthcare ICT/ELV systems, including:

  • Nurse Call System

  • Master Clock Systems

  • Medical Dictation Systems

  • Infant Protection Systems

  • Patient Bed Management

  • Integrated Workplace

  • Ambulance Connectivity

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RTLS/RFID solutions enable automated tracking of medical supplies and equipment, staff movement, patients’ condition monitoring and offer a demonstrable return on investment and better patients’ experience outcome. In addition to traditional use of the technology, the technology was effectively utilized to trace Covid-19 for environment control and hygiene procedures.

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Custom Software/HIMMA

We offer customized and scalable solutions for Hospitals and National Healthcare Management. Our solutions help clients to achieve seamless integration of medical systems, equipment, personnel and patients data which support increased medical readiness, enhanced experience of care, and lower healthcare costs. Some of our solutions include:

  • IT Transformation Planning, Implementation and Management

  • Hospital Management Systems

  • Software and Apps development (DevOps)

  • Asset Management Digitalization

  • Healthcare Data Integration and Analytics

  • Enterprise GovernanceSOA / SOA Governance

  • Enterprise Network Management

  • Strategic CIO Solutions and Services

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Emerging Technologies

The Industry 4.0 technologies are completely transforming Healthcare processes and operating models, enabling care providers to improve patients’ experience, advance care delivery and expand precision medicine. At INFOLINE, we further drive healthcare industry transformation to Healthcare 5.0. We help our clients implement emerging healthcare technologies, utilize artificial intelligence in clinical decisions support, and connect processes, assets and people. Our solutions build the foundation for Healthcare 5.0 with support for Precision Medicine, Blockchain, Nanorobotics, 3D Printing and Remote Robotic Procedures.

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