About Infoline KZ: Integrated Solutions Innovators

As a leading technological solution provider and system integrator, Infoline KZ operates at the forefront of innovation, delivering comprehensive and tailored solutions.

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"Technology that transforms information into trust"

Infoline KZ was established in 2003 to offer different solutions and people-oriented projects in the sector. With its strong technical infrastructure, innovative perspective, flexible solutions and customer-oriented approach, it is an engineering and technology company that provides project and design services focusing on ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), Weak Current and Automation Systems, Professional Audio, Light and Video, Broadcasting Technologies and Defense Industry Systems.

Our company, which transforms knowledge into power and trust, is an indispensable company of valuable business partnerships in the region of world-recognized brands.

Our vısıon

Empowering Global

By fulfilling the requirements of the purpose of its establishment;

To be a technology company that maintains its sustainable growth with the values it creates for its stakeholders in the global market, is preferred with its competitive power, is trusted, and is sensitive to the environment and people.

our mıssıon

Delivering Innovative
Solutions Worldwide

In the field of electronic technologies and system integration;

To provide high value-added, innovative and reliable products and solutions to its domestic and foreign customers, especially in the Central Asian region and Turkey, to be a technology company that achieves its global goals by increasing its brand awareness and makes its people proud.


Project & Consulting Services

Infoline KZ offers a range of project and consulting services aimed at guiding clients through the complexities of technology integration. Our experienced consultants provide valuable insights and strategic advice to help clients identify the most suitable solutions for their specific needs.


Project Management Services

With project management services, Infoline KZ takes a proactive approach to oversee the successful execution of technology projects from inception to completion. Our project managers leverage industry’s best practices.


Integration Services

Our system integration services are designed to seamlessly merge diverse technological components into cohesive systems that drive optimal performance and efficiency. Our expert engineers leverage their deep understanding of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Turnkey Project Solutions

Integrated Systems

  • Integrated Mechanical & Electrical Systems

  • HVAC Systems

  • Fire Fighting Systems

  • Weak Current Systems

  • Lighting & Emergency Lighting Systems

  • Lighting Automation Systems

  • Building Management Systems

  • Data and Communication Systems

  • Public Address and Background Music Systems

  • Smart TV Systems

  • Security System

  • Building Technologies

  • Nurse Call Systems

  • TV Broadcast Distribution

  • Central Clock

  • Intercom

  • Digital Signal

  • Telephony

  • LAN / WAN Network

  • Professional Audio

  • Stage Lighting

  • Conference Systems

  • Simultaneous Translation

  • Cinema Projection, Screen, and Surround Systems

  • Airport Technology Solutions

  • Health Care Solutions

  • Defense Industry Solutions

Case Studies

Discover our projects highlighting our diverse technology & system integration projects spanning across various industries.

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